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Monday, July 9, 2012

FIFA 13FIFA 13 captures the drama and unpredictability of a real football with revolutionary changes in five areas: artificial intelligence, dribbling, control of the ball and physical contact between players. This year's game will see its biggest change in the history of the series. Players will wage a real struggle for the possession of the ball around the pitch and enjoy the creative freedom in deriving the attacks on their own skin and feel the full drama and unpredictability of the sport.
Intelligence offensive:
Competitors will carefully study the possibility of tactical work harder and smarter on the field wybiegańá the free field, always thinking two steps ahead. They will also pull opponents away from their positions in order to create gaps in defense. Full dribble: Pass your enemies using a very precise mastery of the ball and mobility in any direction really. Let your creativity, and he brings great attacks.
Taking the ball:
A new system for receiving the ball changes the way you perform this seemingly simple step to eliminate virtually perfect acceptance every time, regardless of player skill. It gives defenders more opportunities to recover the ball, for example, when it pops up the host.
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