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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sleeping Dogs is a game created by the United Front Games in collaboration with a renowned Square Enix London Studios. You play as her in Shen Wei - undercover police officer, with the task of working out from the center of one of the most dangerous criminal organizations in the world - from Hong Kong Triad. While visiting the bustling and crowded island of Hong Kong with its neon lights spowitymi streets and extensive street supermarkets, players learn the incredible story of loyalty and betrayal, where Wei starts to question the motives of own actions and feel that it is increasingly drawn into the whirl of events. On this island is filled with action, every alley, stall, a marina and high-rise may be a place of intense gunfire, full of adrenaline of street racing and brutal combat. With one of the most intuitive and well thought-fighting systems, Sleeping Dogs offers players the ability to perform complex sequences of moves and self-overcoming of hundreds of enemies. Players perform bone breaking kicks and combos, counterattacks, and exploit violent objects from the environment - circular saws, telephone booths, hotplates, fridge door, and many others - to spectacular finishing opponents.

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